Top 10 Tactical Knives

Check out these small tactical knives that SGPT readers use and carry in the field and voted as the best that they trust and use.

#10: Spyderco Dragonfly2 Lightweight Black FRN PlainEdge Knife review by A.Dude:

I recently bought an Ambitious and like it well enough. After carrying it for awhile, I felt like it was a bit much for an EDC blade. It was a bit too bulky, too big a blade, too heavy…

Good knife for the money, but I wanted something that would simply disappear in my pocket.

So I started looking into the smaller offerings that Spyderco had.

The Spyderco Dragonfly2 Lightweight Black FRN PlainEdge Knife stuck out and really fits that bill well. It weighs only 1.2oz, has a small-medium size blade, and good god…the pocket carry is amazing.

It’s small, lightweight and packs an awesome punch. Just what I was looking for.

Video Spyderco Dragonfly

#9: SEAL pup review by TG:
This is a GREAT EDC (Every day carry. There are several models (don’t get confused) I believe the only difference is the sheath.

I love the SEAL Pup knife. The Nylon Sheath is GREAT – Don’t bother with the upgrade (thirty bucks) for the Kydex unless you REALLY need it. The Sheath is snug – even without being snapped on the blade stays in place.

Turn it upside down the blade does NOT fall out. It’s a quality Sheath – The perfect Navy SEAL knife.

I am VERY impressed by the Quality control of SOG. The knife is RAZOR SHARP out of the box. I mean razor sharp!

#8: Bear Grylls fixed blade survival knife review by SV:
I own two of the Bear Grylls Ultimate knives.

As I posted in that particular review, they are great knives and I gave them 5 stars based upon the quality of the product, what the product included and the price point.

And as I mentioned in that review, check the wholesale clubs. I bought my Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Survival Knife at Amazon and picked it up for less then fifty dollars.


#7 SOG Trident folding knife review by Jakester:

This excellent blade that was issued to my U.S. Marine detachment.

I definitely like this one and became my go to knife for deployments.

The SOG Trident Knife served me well in Iraq and got me out of rough situations.

From cutting my seatbelt loose and hand to hand combat. It’s very tactical and fits well in your hand.

My unit was issued these and not one Marine had anything bad to say.

#6 The 5.11 tactical knife review by Bushmaster:

I just got a CRKT knife from Amazon and while reviewing it I decided to look up the reviews for my favorite EDC knife (511 tactical), this is it.

I was a little shocked to see just one review rating it only 3 stars.

The 5.11 Tanto Blade was a gift from my oldest son about a year and a half ago and I’ve been carrying it since then.

I have many knives and Spyderco was my favorite before getting this one.

Video 5.11 Tactical knife review

#5 Kershaw tactical review by ES:

This is an amazing deal for what you’re getting here guys/gals.

The stud lock works great, no blade play at all.

The Kershaw G10 Tactical Speed Bump Knife blade shape looks odd but works very well for just about everything.

There are so many different angles on the blade that you can always find the most useful one!

The G10 is grippy without being abusive to your pants not unlike 300 grit sandpaper, perfect in my opinion.

#4 SOG escape review by Adventure:
I actually waited months for this knife to come out.

For the price, I really like the SOG Escape Knife as it has all the features I want in a high quality package at an affordable price.

The extra cutter blades in the handle are a nice touch. not the best steel in the world but it holds up well. My second SOG. Have the trident too, but realized its technically too long for legal pocket carry(3.5″<).

The Escape is a little heavy especially compared to my trident, but I find that to be advantageous… could almost use it as a hammer!

And if you have to use the spike on the end its kinda sharp and intimidating in a good way:) it would laugh at any glass and with the weight, woah, this is a serious knife. And I’m not going to cry if I lose it, I’ll just buy another one.

#3 Tac force speedster review by Johnny Lee:

For the really low price, the knife exceeded my expectations.

I was afraid that it was gonna be a pretty lame knife.

The Tac Force TF-723EM Tactical Assisted Opening Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed opens and closes just fine.

It looks just like the picture and it was pretty sharp when I got it, unlike most knives I have gotten.

I definitely recommend this product to others who are interested.

#2 Cold Steel recon tanto review by ET:

I did quite a bit of research before I bought this knife.

I think it’s important for consumers to know what they’re buying, instead of just buying the knife, find out it’s not what you’re looking for, and give it bad reviews. This is a great knife. Lightweight and sharp. I knew it was going to be a rather large knife, but that’s what I was looking for. Something bigger than a pocket knife, with the strength of a fixed blade. Some things to know. Yes, the Teflon coating scratches off easily. My knife is primarily for self defense, but if you’re using it to chop bricks, it’s going to come off. So far I’ve cut through rope, paracord, zip-ties, wires, etc…basically normal things, and it hasn’t come off yet. Don’t discount this knife because of the coating. Seriously, if you buy a knife based on it’s pretty black coating because it looks neat and matches your shoes, you really should be shopping for purses instead. The Cold Steel Recon I Tanto Point is a beast. I have a smaller, more expensive Emerson knife as well and the Recon feels like a tank compared to it. There’s video’s on youtube (nutnfancy is the guys name I believe), that beats the hell out of this knife and it just keeps on going.

Question: Are any of these knives carried by US Special Forces?

Answer: Yes; many of them are using these on a daily basis.

Question: What about Spyderco vs kershaw.

Answer: We are working on a review and comparison of these two blades now.

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