A grinder is a asphalt/concrete area that is used for physical training (PT)  and surrounded by pull bars and dip bars.   The grinder is our shrine, our temple, our workout garden – it is here that we explore the interconnection of body and mind and push ourselves to become a new person.  This is where we develop the warrior athlete.

Here is a list of the exercises and videos that we will work through on the grinder – wherever that may be.

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SEALgrinderPT exercises and stretches
SGPT – shoulder stretch
hamstring stretch
hip stretching
pushup variations
burpee variations
 squats & lunges
hip stretches
plyometric jumps
ab-core exercises
 yoga stretches
tire drags
 handstand pushups
 calisthenics 2
 hanging core exercises
Abs 2.0
hip mobility groiner drill

Hip Mobility Drills
SGPT groiner drill
 Mtn Athlete HAM Drill
Mtn Athelete HIM Drill
Mtn Athlete HUG
SEALFit Hip Drills

Regular Pushups
Diamond Tricep
SEALFit pushup variations
Spiderman Pushup
Clapping Pushups
Superman Pushup
Handstand Pushups
 Dive bomber pushups (at 1:13 on video)

Jump Tuck
Squat Jump
Split Jump/Lunge Jump
Frog Jump
SGPT plyo ice skaters
Airborne Heisman
Duck Jump
Lateral jump

Abdominal Exercises
SGPT – Good Morning Dollies
 SGPT – Toe to bar
 SGPT – knee to chest
 SGPT – situps
 SGPT – flutter kicks


IT band stretch by SGPT
Hamstring stretching by SGPT

Shoulder stretches
Shoulder pass throughs by SGPT
Arm circles by SGPT
Figure 8 arm rotations by SGPT
Cow face stretch by SGPT

Arm in front of body stretch by SGPT
swimmers chest stretch by SGPT

High Jacks-High Jill by SGPT

CrossFit competition
Dirty South Regionals 2010

Do It Yourself – Build Your Home Gym
How to make a sandbag by Mtn Athlete
How to build plyo boxes by Mtn Athlete
How to rig a tire for dragging
Example of a homeade kettlebell 

If you have any questions on the exercises or stretches please email SGPT.

SEALgrinderPT can provide you with custom workouts and programs to increase your strength, flexibility, lower your running times and increase speed.  For more info check out www.sealgrinderpt.com/coachin// ad contact SEALgrinderPT at brad@sealgrinderpt.com to get started today.

I look forward to hearing from you and starting you on your path to your goals today.

Brad McLeod
CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

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