CrossFit Ab and Core Workouts

The cornerstone of any top CrossFit athlete is their core strength. Without it you can have all the speed in the world but are doomed to fail without a strong core. As the saying goes “Strong Core – Strong Body”.

Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit describes 3 top ab exercises as the Glute Ham Developer (GHD) situp, hollow rock and L-sits.

Some of those exercises are found in the following workouts that are great ways to build your body. We get asked this question every week “What are the best CrossFit wod’s for abs?”. Of course most of the time you are doing a CrossFit workout (kettle bell swings, deadlifts, etc.) you are working your core. But for those that want a little extra – read on.

Check out this list of many of the CrossFit Ab and Core Workouts.

WOD #1
3 rounds for time
run 800 meters
50 back extensions
50 situps

Check out this video of the CrossFit Ab and Core Workouts Michael

Check out the original AbMat Abdominal Trainer @

WOD #2
30-25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds of:
GHD sit-up
Back extension
Knees to elbow
95 pound Stiff legged dead lift

A simple yet effective CrossFit benchmark workout is:
100 situps for time

In the military you are tested often with 2 minutes max situps.

WOD #3
50 -40 -30 -20 -10
Abmat Sit-ups

Of course performing exercises like the deadlift and GHD situps are also great exercises.

Question: Where can I find a good abmat for home use?

The Abmat is portable and easy to use at home.

Check out the AbMat at

Video of Matt Chan  deadlift, run GHD workout:

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WOD #4
10 rounds for time
15 Deadlifts #155
10 pushups

This workout is great for building endurance and core strength.

Question: What is a good GHD that will not break my checking account?

We like the OFW Glute Ham Developer GHD for under $400.

You will be able to do all the exercises you can on a $1k GHD without putting a hole in your wallet.

Check out the CFF Glute Ham Developer @

WOD #5
3 rounds for time
15 toe to bar
15 hollow rock
15 situps

This workout will definitely set your abs on fire and build a strong core for future workouts.

Video – Dead Lift and Burpee workout at CrossFit One World

Check out Bullet Proof Abs @

Question: What is a good CrossFit ab emom?
10 toe to bar
20 double unders
*emom = every minute on the minute

Question: When will I see abs doing CrossFit workouts? As soon as you eat clean fuel and burn off that excess fat you will start to see your six pack abs. If you eat excess calories than you take in you can build a strong core but until you burn calories you will not see those abs.

Question: What is a good tabata ab workout? Simple – do 8 sets of sit-ups with an ab mat. Your lowest rep count in a round is you score.

Question: What is the best crossfit exercise for abs? Toe to bars are very good.

Question: What is a good CrossFit exercise to hit the lower abdominal muscles and exercise? Try dead lift and ghd sit-ups.

Question: Is there an abdominal focused CrossFit wod? Yes; check out the workouts above.

Question: How long will it take with a CrossFit workout to get good abs? It depends on your diet and how clean you eat and then how hard you work.

Question: What is a good ghd crossfit workout? Michael is a good CrossFit GHD workout.

CrossFit Core article: Check out the CrossFit ab and core article at this link:

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CrossFit Ab and Core Workouts


  1. says

    With Weight Vest
    2 min plank hold
    rest 1 min
    90 sec plank hold
    rest 1 min
    60 sec plank hold

    3 Rounds of:
    25 Feet anchored situps
    20 Toes to sky
    15 Ab Wheel rollouts

  2. pitfallguy72 says

    found this wod in a list of my travel wods and was extremely sore for a few days afterwards.
    flutterkicks 4-ct
    leg levers

  3. humboldt11 says

    1 min plank
    30 sec right-side plank
    30 sec plank
    30 sec left side plank
    30 sec plank

    than lie on back, arms straight-up, legs bent 90
    lower alternating heels, straighten leg a bit. Controlled, but speed=burn
    than same thing, but arms wide, palms down.
    (good for running-based core)
    I did 15 each leg for both.

    That’s one circuit. Rest after circuit. 1 circuit took me about 5 min. I did 3 circuits.

  4. jchaynes says

    1 min times 2 flat plank
    1 min times 2 side plank each side
    30 reps crunches
    30 reps leg levers
    30 reps v-ups
    30 reps 4 count flutter kicks
    30 reps sit ups
    60 reps bicycles
    3 sets to failure back extension
    go for more than one circuit and do it all without rest except for back extension

  5. says

    We did the 30-25-20-15-10-5
    Gdh situp
    Back extension
    Knees to elbows
    Stiff leg dead lift
    But we added a mile of sprints. Then swam what we call a “super” mile. (Sprint down to the opposite end get out do 25 pushups. Get in sprint back down and back get out do 30 flutter kicks. Swim down and back get out do 50 dips. Swim down and back. Do 15 decline pushups. All that till gou reach a mile. All the swimming was front crawl and sprinting without fins. Killer!!!!!

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