#1 Tip on How to Make Today Matter (and Get $hit Done)

girls-run-raceI am the first to admit that there was a time in my life when I was drifting.

I did not know how to finish a race – or even how to get started

I did not know what I wanted to do with my life and was headed nowhere quick.

You see…

if you dont have a major goal planned and steps to get there…

then daily life bull$hit will get in the way.

You will make excuses and others will bring you down.

But if you have a major gnarly goal – one that scares the livin’ $hit out of you…

then you will wake up early and work extra hard and go to bed late.

if you have a half ass goal that you are kinda sorta committed then you will be a half ass kinda sorta guy (or gal).

Do you find that you find a way to make excuses when you are 75% committed?

Can I get a head nod? Yes!

To be a warrior you must fully commit.

You must have a big gnarly goal or you will be sucked into the black hole that most sheep people (sheeple) live in.

Sheeple dont have goals. They live day to day. They follow the crowd going nowhere.

They watch tons of TV and live a life of fear with their heads down looking at their smart phones.

What will it take to help wake YOU up and get you on the right track?

This one tip…….

Write down the one thing that you have always wanted to do (but others said it was impossible).

Write down 3 things that will help you complete that goal.

That goal should scare the #uck out of you.  If not – you are not thinking big enough.

I did that very thing when I was 18 years old and decided to join the Navy and become a SEAL.

I wrote down that I wanted to be a SEAL and put pictures on my bedroom wall (it is called a dream board).

I got up early and went to bed late. Every morning when I woke up I saw that dream board.

I started reading positive books and listening to audios to build my mind.

Every day some negative person would laugh at me and my dream.

This built up a fire inside of me – a fire so intense that when I right about it today my teeth clinch and I get pissed off.

What is inside of you? What do you want to do?
RiseUpiphoneWhat will you do to RISE UP and grab what is yours for the taking?

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Train Hard!

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