12 Days of Holiday Tactical Gear

Check out our list of cool tactical gear for the upcoming holiday. You may have something on your holiday list that you want — or know that your buddy was jonesing for. Either way check out our list of gear that we use and have abused and still keeps on working.


We keep this flash light in the truck or throw it in the ruck sack for a march.

It has served us well on more than one occasion as a great back up light while mountain biking.

The 5.11 Tactical XBT A4 Flashlight has a distinct light and does really well when you throw a lithium battery in it.

We have had this light for over 3 years of field use and no problems.

It is rain proof and light weight and it is very easy to switch on and off.

We love these compression socks from SockGuy socks. They are just tight enough to compress the calf and keep blood flow – but not too tight.

I have worn them on many a mountain bike ride through thorns with little tear. I put these on with my LALO boots and can hike for long distance. These are an all around industrial sock.

SockGuy is a supporter of our last fundraising efforts for the Navy SEAL Foundation so check them out as they support veterans.

If you are doing any kind of endurance event like a GORUCK or SEALFIT 20X or Kokoro you will need to use some kind of body lube.

There are several good products out there like BodyGlide and Boudreax’s butt paste.

A simple one that gets great reviews is Gold Bond Friction Defense, 1.75 Ounce. Put this on your crotch and feet and underarms. Put it on your nipples also to keep from getting rubbed raw.

This is one of our favorite books and have read it more than once.

Check out the story of Adam Brown in Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator.

It is more than a military book – it is about life and pushing forward no matter what the obstacles are in life.

Adam Brown never quit and is an inspiration for us all to keep our dreams alive and pursue them.

5 Days of Strength, Power, Endurance and Mental Toughness combined into a 3 day on 1 day rest, 2 day on 1 day rest battle rhythm.

Each day you will get a complete strength cycle, endurance cycle, and intense high intensity cardio cycle.

Each workout has a warm up and cool down protocol. Complete with mobility, foam rolling and mindset training.
Start your Operator Training System workout with a complete warm up system (many will consider this to be a complete workout).

Then we add in our strength program for the day. Next, a mind numbing endurance phase. Forge Mental Toughness!
Finally a High Intensity blaster workout that will make you an asset to any team. Fight to WIN!

BUBS Collagen Protein
I use BUBS Naturals Collagen protein every morning in my coffee.

It helps give me the extra protein I need to recover from hard workouts and long distance bike rides.

Since I have been taking BUBS Naturals Collagen protein I am feeling better and lifting heavy with no injuries (important for me).

This product is grass fed and pasture raised bovine protein.

You can read my review of BUBS Naturals collagen protein here:

This is the tactical pocket knife we were issued at Turning Steel in Montana 2 years ago.

I have kept it in my ruck or my truck ever since.

It is a great small knife as a super low price ($21) so dollar for dollar you cannot go wrong.

The 5.11 Tactical Scout Tanto Folder Knife will take a beating and still be there for day to day abuse and use.

I plan on getting a few more and giving them out as holiday gifts.

We had these exact same rings in our garage gym in ATL and have served us well for many years.

We like the Wood Gym Rings as they are smooth on the hands and easy to use.

These are very well made and will last for many years.

Unless you drive over them with a truck I am not sure how you would damage them. Do muscle ups, ring rows, dips and pull ups on these gym rings.

We have this ruck and use it as our bug out bag.

We have 3 days or more of supplies packed into the bag and ready to go. We have a small tarp, equipment to filter water and make a fire.

The Voodoo Tactical Ruck is versatile as we also added ammo, a small weapon and a first aid kit.

We have used this ruck out in the field on courses and it does great. Dollar for dollar this is a great deal at $87 you can’t go wrong.


I have used these boots for the past 2 years plus and they are still going strong.

I have used this boot to ruck in the urban jungle and also to hike out in the national forest.

You can lace the boots up high and snug them up for more stability.

I personally wear them a little loose on my feet and they fit like bedroom slippers.

You can wear them all day and they are super comfortable.

I have worn this hat with a visor for 6 plus years. Keeps my head warm at night and great for rucking and working out.

The Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Knit Hat is lightweight and folds up easy or stuff it in a pack.

Break it out when the sun goes down or the wind picks up and you can really feel it warm you up. For $8 you can’t go wrong with this hat.

I have a pair of Mechanix Gloves that I have used for over a year during Ruck marches, mountain bike rides and working around the house.

The Mechanix Wear Original Black are super comfortable and hard to wear out.

For $19 it will be hard to beat these gloves.

They are recommended by SGPT.

We really like this “Punisher” moral patch.

Put it on your hat or ruck.

The Punisher Tactical Patch – Olive Drab stays put with velcro no matter what you dish out.

Grab one now.

What is on your list? Post up below in comments and we may pick you as a holiday winner.

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