20X Challenge at CrossFit Honor Allentown, Pennsylvania

The 20X Challenge is a one day crucible training delivered by SEALFIT with the goal of transforming your view of what you are capable of as a human being. 20X is a metaphor meaning that you are capable of at least 20 Times more than you think you are. The SEALFIT 20X Challenge will prove that to you, leaving you with a permanent shift in your awareness and confidence. This training is a great mental toughness preparation for the famous Kokoro Camp, which you may decide is your next 20X goal after the challenge. You will test yourself against the SEALFIT standard and learn the techniques that will allow you to dominate any challenge in life. You will gain mental toughness and a warrior’s non-quitting spirit as you learn to embrace the suck, become a world class teammate, and find your true potential!

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Prepare to Meet Yourself for the First Time
There comes a time in everyones life when they are ready for a test – a test of their heart and soul.

A real test that takes you to your very core – your soul – and either spits you out or makes you into a new person.

SEALFIT Kokoro Camp is such a test. As the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness, an Unbeatable Mind and a warrior’s spirit, the camp is an intense crucible experience modeled off of the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week. The difference is that Kokoro is built to teach through experience, rather than try to make you into a quitter.

Kokoro Camp is designed for an individual to discover what is deep inside of them – to help individuals discover the power of their mind over their body, and their non-quitting spirit over their mind. The program is skillfully executed by a cadre of former SEALs who are SEALFIT certified coaches who understand human psychology better than most psychologists – especially as it pertains to the highs and lows of self discovery.

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Our mission is to develop mental toughness, show you that you are capable of 20x what you think, and develop your leadership and non-quitting warrior spirit. Discipline, Focus, Arousal Control, Attention Control, Micro-Goals, Positive Self Concept, Leadership, Self Mastery and an Unconquerable Spirit are trained and tested through 50 hours of intense physical and mental training.

This program is intense and leads to serious breakthroughs. Please study the prerequisites for Kokoro Camp in detail, and make an honest self-assessment, before committing to the camp.

Originally designed for Special Operations candidates, Kokoro is open to all who are willing to prepare and step up to the challenge. Students come from all walks of life, and include business professionals, military units and SOF candidates, US and foreign CrossFit athletes and a few tough Moms.
You can expect to learn and experience:
SEALFIT 5 Mountain training philosophy
how to be a Team Player and Authentic Leader
Warrior Yoga Basics
Awareness & Concentration tools
Attention Control
Arousal Control
Positive Self Concept
Mental Resiliency
Emotional Control
Functional Endurance & Stamina Training
Ocean Confidence & Exposure
Sleep Deprivation
Decision Making in Chaotic Situations
Graduates join an elite team of men and women who have taken the challenge and have set themselves on a lifelong journey toward self mastery with SEALFIT as the wind at their backs.

Price: $1295 – Now Just $1165 – You Save 10%

Discount valid till December 31st, 2012 – sign up for SEALFIT Kokoro training here


We have published updated Kokoro Camp Standards to help you understand just what you are getting into when you start your training for Kokoro. We don’t want there to be any confusion as to what we are doing here. This is not a “SEAL experience” alone…it is an event unlike any other that will test you to your core. We want to prevent injuries as well as people holding their team back. The work-load at Kokoro camp was described by an Iron Man athlete as “3 back to back Iron Men races, without rest.” Prepare well.

Prerequisites for a graduate certificate will be tested within the first few hours of the camp. They include:

50 push ups (40 for women), 50 sit-ups and 50 air squats in 2 minutes
10 dead hang pullups for men, 6 women
1 mile run in boots and utility pants on road in 9:30
Body Armor (aka Murph) with 20# pack (15# for women): 1 hour and 10 minutes minimum
Endurance standards to guide your preparation (not tested for performance, but completion):

10 mile run in less than 1:20
20 mile ruck hike with load in less than 6 hours
Two event failure (PFT/Murph) will result in drop from course and refusal to perform any event will be considered a non verbal drop. Note we highly recommend that you ramp up your endurance and stamina training. A standard CrossFit or SOF Prep training regimen will not suffice. You should run a marathon or half Iron Man and spend considerable time rucking with load. Please contact us if you are not clear about the physical demands of this program. Should you fail to meet the standards and are rolled you will receive a certification of attendance, not a Certificate of Graduation with accompanying SEALFIT Black Shirt. You will be invited to train with your new knowledge and come back to challenge Kokoro Camp again in the future.

Black Shirt graduates have the potential to pursue intern positions and the SEALFIT Mastery program, as outlined on our web site.

Good luck! – Coach Divine

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20X Challenge at CrossFit Honor Allentown, Pennsylvania

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