3-Mile Shot by Texan Breaks Previous Sniper Record

Using a custom-built rifle with high-powered optics (which eliminates an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records), Bill Poor of Tuscola, Texas, beat the previous record of 2.84 miles, set by retired Navy SEAL Charles Melton in 2017.

Poor’s rifle was modified by Vestal’s Custom Rifles, chambered in .408 CheyTac, firing a 390-grain bullet. Its speed reached 3,160 feet per second.

The bullet took more than 14 seconds to reach its target, 3 miles (5,000 yards) away.

Poor hit the target after eight attempts, compared to Melton’s 34.

“It wasn’t easy,” Poor said. “It took a lot of homework and a lot of science.”

One of the conditions Poor had to factor in—aside from wind speed and direction—was temperature, which was 50F.


Cold air is denser than warm, and causes a bullet to drop more. Taking this into account, Poor aimed well above the horizon, adjusting his aim. Two spotters aided.

Not to be outdone, Charles Melton has announced he will soon shoot for a 6,000-yard (3.4 miles) target.

QUESTION: Hi, Coach. I keep reading about “durability” and the need to build it. Could you please explain what that means?

ANSWER: Yes; we need to be durable so that we can be ready for anything at anytime and go the long haul.

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