3 Tips for Intermediate Athletes to Improve Pull-Ups

In the first lesson we helped beginners get started with pull-ups.

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Tip #1

Establish you baseline. Knock out as many pull ups as you can.
Use your lats (lattisimus dorsi muscle).
When you drop down to the bottom engage the lat but don’t drop down fully and hang disengaged.

Video – Improve Your Pull ups

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Tip #2

Pull up engaging the lat and pull chin over bar.
There is a lot of core that is used in the pull up – so the stronger your lats and core is the better you will be able to engage and pull over the bar.


Work on your grip. Too often we hear of athletes that say they could have done more pull ups but their hands gave out.
Although the forearm muscles can be worked often – be careful not to overtrain as this can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other high repetition injuries.

Check out these SGPT grip strength tips here.

Bonus Tip:

Toughen up your hands if your going to do lots of pullups (3 times a week). Get rid of excess skin and blisters by taking care of your hands. Check out these SGPT hand care tips here.

Check out the training tip interview with Bar-Barian Lee Wade Turner (SGPT Pull Up Contest winner 2013)
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3 Tips for Intermediate Athletes to improve Pull ups
3 Tips for Beginners to improve pull ups

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