4 Tips on How to Avoid a Sniper

You’ve been captured, but you’ve now escaped. Unfortunately, there is a sniper hiding somewhere, searching for you.

You have 10 minutes to avoid detection and before he takes a shot.

How do  you escape?

How do you remain alive?

What steps would you take ahead of time, knowing the sniper was out there…hiding?

Let us know what steps you’d take if you were in this position!

Tip #1

Plan ahead. Know as much of your terrain and route.

Tip #2

Blend in somehow. Camouflage yourself.

Tip #3

Create confusion. Possible ways to do this: Decoys, camouflage, smoke screens, places to hide. Movement may work to your advantage, rather than stillness.

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Tip #4

Use caution. And have patience.

In the video below, Mike Carrier puts these tips to work to avoid being shot by a Special Forces Marine sniper. But will they work? Will he be detected and shot—or will he outsmart the sniper?


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