5 Must Have Bodyweight Exercises that Could Save your LIFE!

“Learning is never cumulative; it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end.” — Bruce Lee

Since the advent of the internet there is undoubtedly a surplus of information that can be accessed with the simple click of a button. After all, if you’ve arrived here you’ve done that very thing looking for an answer to becoming more efficient in your strength and conditioning training. The problem that can arise from this though is that for some since there is no shortage of training related articles on the web information overload can be the result of all of this abundance from time to time.

Knowing that I’ll do my best to be straightforward with the information here to help you take your MMA, or fight training to the next level whether you have access to a fully stocked strength and conditioning facility or not.

I don’t think anyone here would disagree that having access to an arsenal of strength equipment is extremely helpful and advantageous to MMA fight training, but it’s not always a necessity. Bodyweight strength training is quite advantageous for fight training and I want to list out here 5 must have exercises that I’ve used in my career as a strength coach that have without a doubt been tried and true for every fighter I’ve ever trained for the past 15 years, both MMA and in combat (military, police, etc.)

Click Here For Part 1 of this 5 Part Series!

If you’re interested in learning more about these types of drills and more check out my 90 Day SGPT MMA Strength And Conditioning program, Or check out my site at: http://brandonricheyfitness.com/

What are your favorite bodyweight exercises? Is there a workout you like to do that incorporates your favorites—and what’s listed above? If so, what is it?

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QUESTION: I just joined a gym and they have a rower there and I like using it but my back starts hurting. Can you give me some ideas to make sure I’m doing it right? Thanks in advance!

ANSWER: Yes; check out this article: Concept 2 Rowing Tips.


QUESTION: I can lift a good amount of weight. But I don’t know what my 1 rep max is. Do you know how to find that?

ANSWER: Yes; check out the article How to Find Your 1 Rep Max.




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