5k Trail Run workout

5k trail run (or more)
hillacious-trail-run Mobility warmup to start
wrist stretch – 10 each way
wrist rotations – 10 each way
Arm circles 10 each way
Press, press, fling – 10
Up, back and overs – 10
Shoulder pass throughs with pole – 10
Hip swivel kicks forward – 15 each leg
hip swivel kicks side – 15 each leg
Jumping jacks 25
hip mobility drills ( Mtn Athlete HIM drill) – 5
Mountain climbers – 25 – two count
Pushups – regular 20
Swimmers chest stretch – 10
alternate hand forward hand back pushups – 15
standing pause air squat – 10 with 5 seconds pause
standing hip flexor stretch – 5 each leg
Standing lunge – 20 (10 each leg)
air squat – 50
pushups – wide – 10
flutter kicks – 50 four count
crunches – 25
reverse crunches – 20

You can scale up on each of these exercises and add more to each one.


5k trail run in hills
or more distance if you feel like it.
run through creek or water at some point.

Yoga cobra stretch – 10
Yoga frog stretch – 10
Plie squat stretch – 10 (really work to get your knees out and stretch)
Yoga downward dog – 10
Yoga frog – 10 minutes
10 minutes of deep breathing/meditation/visualization

Question: What is a good trail running shoe that you like and recommend?

We like the La Sportiva Wildcat Trail Running Shoe for all around trail running, hiking, ruck marching or a quick session at the gym.

Do you have a list of other good trail running shoes? Yes; check out this article:

How can I learn more about CrossFit? You can check out the CF main website here:

Post time and thoughts below in comments.

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