Are You Ready for the Navy SEAL BUD/S PST?

Are you thinking about training to become a Navy SEAL?

Have you talked to a SEAL motivator/recruiter in your area?

If not you need to look them up in the phone book or google search for your local area.

Stop what you are doing now with your training and take the Physical Standards Test (PST) so that you can know what you are good at and what is your weakest link.

Question: Coach Brad; it is ok to take any supplements during BUDS training?

Answer: The latest inside word is that there are no supplements like creatine, large protein tubs, pre-workout, monster drinks and Tylenol.

The instructors do allow vitamin C and a 1 a day daily vitamin.

Question: Coach Brad; how old were you when you went into the Navy and what Buds class did you graduate?

Answer: I was 19 years old and started in Class 125 but failed out on a math test.

I went to the fleet Navy for a year on the USS Cleveland and came back to graduate in winter Class 132 which graduated in May 1984.

Question: Coach Brad; If you were training to go into BUDS in 9 months – how would you train? Joe

Answer: That is a good question Joe and that is why I wrote the Freak Frogman workout E-book for my son to help him train and get ready.

I went through BUDS twice and made a lot of mistakes my first time around.

I did not want my son “Dane” to make those same mistakes so I wrote it all down for him to use as a training guide.

Other athletes saw that guide and said that I should post it up and make it available for everyone.

I am pretty psyched to know that other athletes can bypass the problems that I had and move forward in their training without all the obstacles.

Question: Where can I find out more info about joining the Navy to become a Frogman?

Answer: Check out the main website here:

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