Bates 3400 hiker boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Bates 3400 hiker boot and you decide if it is good for your field use.

I have several pairs of boots to include Lowa, Danner and Rocky. I picked up a pair of these as they looked like a good boot especially at the price (under $125).

The Bates 3400 Hiker Boot is an exceptional footwear option for those in need of reliable performance and durability in challenging outdoor environments. Whether you’re hiking through rugged terrains, working in demanding conditions, or simply seeking a comfortable and protective boot, the Bates 3400 delivers on all fronts.

The upper of the Bates 3400 Combat Hiker Boot is constructed from a combination of high-quality leather and durable nylon materials. This blend provides an optimal balance of strength, flexibility, and breathability. The leather reinforces the boot’s structure and offers resistance to abrasions, while the nylon enhances ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry, even during strenuous activities.

Designed with a composite toe, the Bates 3400 offers protection without compromising on weight. The composite toe is lighter than traditional steel toes, ensuring comfort and reducing foot fatigue during extended use. This toe type also meets safety standards, guarding your feet against impacts and compression hazards without the same cold conductivity as steel.

An important feature of the Bates 3400 Hiker Boot is its waterproof capability. Built to withstand wet conditions, this boot keeps your feet dry even in rainy or muddy environments. The waterproofing technology ensures that water stays out, allowing you to focus on your activities without discomfort or distraction.

The lace-up closure system of the 3400 Hiker Boot ensures a secure and personalized fit. It allows you to adjust the tightness to your preference, providing excellent ankle support and stability. The mid-height design strikes a balance between ankle mobility and protection, reducing the risk of injuries without sacrificing flexibility.

The rubber sole of the Bates 3400 is designed to deliver superior traction on various terrains. Its durable construction offers excellent grip, allowing you to confidently traverse uneven surfaces, loose gravel, or slippery paths. Whether you’re hiking on rocky trails or working on rugged job sites, this boot will keep you grounded and stable.

The Bates 3400 Hiker Boot is available in various color options, catering to different personal styles and preferences. Whether you prefer classic black, earthy tones, or vibrant shades, you can find a boot that matches your aesthetic.

Bates 3400 Boot Review:

picked up a pair of these boots a few months back. Lots of good things that I can say about these boots. can go on forever about these boots. Basically, they were part of the U.S. Military’s program to field a “hiker” type boot to front line units in Afghanistan. Basically the same (materials, design, last, etc.) as the pricier DANNER “Crater Rim” boot. Some thoughts on these boots:

A few things I might say about the BATES 3400-B: – D ring lacing system isn’t great, but you can use alternate lacing patterns, etc. never had a failure of a D-ring. – Not for use 75+ degrees F or warmer… it’s cold weather/temperate boot design. – heavier than a light hiker, but BOMB PROOF (almost literally). – VIBRAM BIFIDA sole is one of the best ever. very grippy, durable, AF. – this is one of the few boots I have worn out of the box and to this day with the insoles that came with the boot… more miles and terrain than can be counted.

I don’t know if it’s a miracle insole, or the boot design just allows for it (the latter more likely). – mid cut, but still great support for rucking with even 35lbs > – steel shank in sole, amazing support, particularly if you have problem feet. – they’re ALL leather, with a hard rubber rand added for xtra durability, that being the case they do not breath like some vented boots, etc. Wear a wicking sock. Great top of the line GORETEX waterproof lining.


The bottom line is… the Bates 3400 Hiker Boot is a reliable and durable option for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and workers alike. With its combination of leather and nylon upper, composite toe protection, waterproof capability, and high-traction rubber sole, this boot offers the ideal balance of comfort, performance, and safety. No matter the terrain or weather conditions, the Bates 3400 Hiker Boot will keep your feet protected, supported, and ready for any adventure or demanding task.

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