Bates Code 6 boot reviews

Check out the reviews and videos for the Bates Code 6 boot and you decide if these boots are good enough for your feet.

The Bates Code 6 Boot is a tactical and duty boot designed to provide durability, comfort, and support for law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and anyone in need of reliable footwear for demanding situations. Here’s a detailed review of the Bates Code 6 Boot, including its key specifications:


Upper Material: The Bates Code 6 Boot features a combination of full-grain leather and ballistic nylon in its upper construction. This blend of materials offers durability, protection, and breathability.

Outsole: The boot is equipped with a slip-resistant rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on various surfaces, ensuring stability and confidence during maneuvers.

Midsole: It incorporates a lightweight and cushioned EVA midsole that offers support and shock absorption while reducing the overall boot weight.

YKK Side Zipper: A YKK side zipper allows for quick and easy on/off, making these boots convenient for law enforcement and tactical professionals.

Moisture-Wicking Lining: The moisture-wicking lining helps keep your feet dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat and moisture.

Breathable Lining: The boot’s lining is designed for breathability, allowing air circulation to prevent overheating during prolonged wear.

Lightweight: These boots are designed to be lightweight for improved mobility and comfort during long shifts or missions.

AR670-1 Compliant: The Bates Code 6 Boot is compliant with U.S. Army regulations and can be worn with the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

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The Bates Code 6 Boot is a solid choice for law enforcement and military professionals in need of reliable and durable tactical footwear. Its full-grain leather and ballistic nylon upper provide a balance of protection and breathability, making these boots suitable for various conditions and environments.

One of the standout features of the Code 6 Boot is its comfort. The lightweight EVA midsole offers cushioning and support, reducing foot fatigue during extended periods of wear. The moisture-wicking and breathable lining contribute to overall comfort by keeping your feet dry and preventing overheating.

The slip-resistant rubber outsole ensures stable footing on different surfaces, making these boots suitable for tactical operations and various terrains. The YKK side zipper allows for quick and convenient on/off, a valuable feature for professionals who need to respond rapidly.

These boots are also compliant with U.S. Army regulations (AR670-1), making them a suitable choice for military personnel. They offer a combination of durability, comfort, and practical features, making them an excellent option for individuals who require reliable tactical and duty boots for their demanding roles.

Bates Code 6 Boot Review

These boots are the lightest weight work boot I have worn to date. I am a correctional officer so I am on my feet a lot and wanted a comfortable, but yet light weight boot and the Bates Code 6 Boot fit the bill on both accounts. They fit true to size and are comfortable. I would not recommend them in wet weather like snow and in cold weather say below freezing, but that not what they are designed for.

I really like these boots. They are light, durable and comfortable. I work in a kitchen and the slip-resistance is very good. I also ride a dual sport motorcycle to and from work and the plastic peice on the bottom (intended for extra support I believe) also protects the boot from being damaged by the foot pegs. I purchased a pair of Bates Code 6  boots from and ordered an 11. I went by the Amazon size chart (which suggested a size 12) and got an 11.5. It fits fine but I probably could have stuck with the 11.


Overall, the Bates Code 6 Boot is a dependable and versatile choice for those who need high-quality footwear for duty and tactical operations.

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