Stepping Lightly: Unveiling the Belleville Mini-Mil 8 Minimalist Boot

Attention, fitness enthusiasts and tactical pros! Get ready to lace up into the next-gen Belleville Mini-Mil 8 Minimalist Boot – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. This lightweight, no-nonsense footwear isn’t just a boot; it’s a performance powerhouse tailored for the demands of functional fitness athletes, military personnel, and tactical athletes alike.

Designed for those who thrive on agility and functionality, the Belleville Mini-Mil 8 is more than just a pair of boots; it’s a strategic advantage. With its minimalist design and innovative features, this boot promises to revolutionize your performance, keeping you light on your feet while tackling rigorous workouts, military maneuvers, or intense tactical missions.

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The Belleville minimalist boots worked well, excellent traction on all courses, not sure how to rate the drainage since these are the only tac boots that I have, I must say though, they are very light, good ankle support.

These are minimalist boots, meaning they have very little drop. I had no problems since I had been running and rucking with them before, there is a transition period from normal tac to minimalist to get the calf muscles and other ligaments that are not used to getting the amount of stretching and work involved. In the beginning, I did notice some calf sourness, but it went away after a couple of more rucks.


Luciano Zamora wearing the Belleville Mini Mil boots at the BattleFrog event.

I got them over at Amazon, Northwest boots, since there were no shops that carry the boots.

I started to train, running, rucking, mud run courses, etc using these boots. So far I have no complaints, except for the fact that I had to add some duct tape to smooth the inside stitching at key rubbing points.

Any other feedback on these boots, I would prefer to stay minimal ? As I ramp up my training for GORUCK Tough and heavy, and eventually SEALFIT, I want to make sure that I am using the right boot so that I can start to break them in.

Boot photo was taken during a Ruck with a 30lb ALICE Pack and 30%+ hill work with my son, the boots had excellent traction.

Sandbag photo was taken during Battlefrog NORCAL, last one before they shut down operations, I was the only one with tac boots, I am not sure how folks run and do obstacle courses with no ankle support. As I am getting ready for some SEALFIT work, I wanted to wear and get use to wearing the BDU and t-shirt combo along with the tac boots. I got some thumbs up and some WTF stares from others, but since Battlefrog is/was a SEAL course, the guys all looked normal to me.

Boot review by Luciano Zamora

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