Bring Your own GUTS

bring-your-own-gutsOur goal is to bring you the most bad a** tips and insider info on the internet and connect with you to answer questions.

We want to help you cultivate your inner warrior and get out there and experience life as a fighter.

We love to chase the gnarly stuff and just got done with a 160 mile mtn bike race through the swamps and sands of Florida.

This ride was done in honor of a warrior Kirk Deligianis who unfortunately passed away at Kokoro camp.

Kirk was the epitomy of the true warrior as he inspired others and would always give you his best fight.

All of this is a long way of saying that we can give you the tools and tips and answer questions – but in the end you have to bring your lunch pail and be ready to do hard work.

The life of a warrior is not easy.  If you are looking for easy then please unsubscribe from the newsletter.

You should never pray for an easy life.  You should pray for the ability to endure a hard one.

That is how warriors are forged – in the fire.

We can give you all the tools – but you have to bring your own guts.

Bringing your own guts means that you have the inner drive to complete the task.

That can be a hard thing in our weak society as everyone is always looking for the easy way out.

They are looking to cut corners and prop their feet up before the job is done.

In order to be a warrior you have to “Finish the Drill” each and every time and get all of your body across the finish line.

What is your next finish line that you want to accomplish?

Do you want to step forward to meet your new and better self?

Or do you want to be average and mediocre and be another sheep person (sheeple) that is just following the flock with your head down in your smart phone (eating grass).

If you want to go beyond average, check out our SGPT Mind + Body Program.

Why wait for your ship to keep sailing past you.  What are you waiting for?

This is a great opportunity to jump in with both feet and push yourself to a whole new level.

Sign up for the SGPT Mind + Body Program and we will guarantee you see results (if you do the workouts and nutrition tips) or we will refund all of your first month fee.

Remember that I answer all emails you send to me. I have answered 14 emails from athletes today on nutrition, swimming tips, rucking, bulking up for BUDS and others.

You have nothing to lose by emailing me now at

I will answer your email.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod



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