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Cellucor C4Check out the coupons and discounts for Cellucor supplements and get ready for your next hard workout.

Cellucor is known for C4 pre-workout and has been one of the top rated at Bodybuilding.com for years running.

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Question: What is a good recipe for mixing up the protein? We like to add yogurt and bananas and throw it in a blender and mix it up real good.

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Question: I get the jitters if I take too much pre-workout. What is the deal with that? You need to be really careful and not take too much of anything – especially pre-workout powder. It can mess with your sleep patterns and you will find yourself way more aggravated if you use more than recommended. Trim back on how much you use and life and workouts will be a whole lot better.

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Question: My buddy gained a ton of muscle in the last year but I think some of it was water weight. I want to get big like him so what can i do? You need to workout hard and get 8 hours of sleep every night so that you can recover properly. You have to see what protein he is using and how much sodium is in that powder as that can make him retain more water.

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Question: Which do you prefer with Cellucor vs Jym pre workout? Both are good products so I would try a sample before you buy to see which one responds to your body the best. I like the taste of Cellucor and have used it before so I know it is a good product. Just got back from a bodybuilding show and tried out Jym and was pretty psyched on it.

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Question: How much sodium is in this product? I have to be careful as I don’t want to retain too much water. There is 160 mg of sodium compared to 180 mg in BSN Syntha 6. Always read the back label on the product as you can find out a ton of great info on what you are putting into your body.

Question: How can I find out more about the upcoming Arnold Classic event? Check out the website here:

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