How I Changed My Life Forever and Made it Through BUD/S

At one point in my life I was just like most people. I was average, not doing a whole lot and just trying to get by. I didn’t know what I “wanted”.  I had no clue. Once I figured out what I wanted – my whole life changed that day. That hour, that minute.

It was as simple as that. Knowing exactly what I wanted and developing a plan.

I was tired of being mediocre—just another face in the crowd. I knew deep down that I had something more to give. I owed it to myself to find my better self. Not the teenager fumbling around from party to party a beer in my hand.

But instead a young warrior with a mission to complete and become something in life.

When I saw that image in my mind – of standing on the podium and graduating BUDS….

(BUDS is Navy SEAL training with a 80 plus percent fail rate).

My stomach turned, my heart pounded, my mind raced. It was scary as my subconscious mind said “You will probably fail.” I fought back those thoughts every single day.

I tried to control my pounding heart.

I stumbled forward and made it through Hell Week and half of Dive Phase.

I failed out after making it over half way through as I failed a math test.

I fell down that day but found a way to get back up the next.

In the end I made it back to BUDS and graduated.  That is something that no one can ever take away from me. I saw what it took to become a young warrior and stand up on my own feet and make a difference in this world.

I know that most of you will not be going to BUDS. But each person has their own mountain to climb. Their own journey to travel. It is in that journey that you will find yourself and become the best person you are capable of being.

What is it that you want to be? Have you asked yourself that question? Seriously. Ask yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Most people do not want to ask themselves hard questions. But you are not most people.

If you are still reading this can I get a head nod—that you are not most people? You want to be better – you want to achieve your dreams.

Email me now and let me know what you want to be.

This is accountability. Seriously – let me know and today will be the day that you change your life forever.

Question: Coach Brad; how did you get past the fear of going underwater in the dark and the fear of heights in jumping out of airplanes?

Answer: My desire to become better was bigger than the small fears that I felt inside. I knew that to grow I had to step up and challenge these fears and confront them head on.

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