Convict Conditioning 2 Advanced Prison Training Tactics – Review

Check out this review for the Convict Conditioning 2 Advanced Prison Training Tactics for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss and Bulletproof Abs
by Paul ” Coach” Wade 354 pages E-Book


If you want a balanced and symmetrical physique, no weak links in your strength chain, “real-world” strength and power, strong and supple joints, and a huge reserve of physical and mental stamina, you owe it to yourself to look into Convict Conditioning System.

Overall I don’t regret this purchase. I have a bit of an issue with the excessive marketing of this product, but that is a particular quirk of mine and it’s a book that I will keep in my library. I did learn a few things from it, which makes it a worthwhile purchase for me. I have to admit that I will probably purchase the sequel as well.

I’ve been following the Convict Conditioning 2 program for the past year, taking on board Coach’s suggestion to take it slow and methodical, and I have seen significant results. I’m at varying levels for each of the big 6 and I’ve seen positive changes in my muscular condition, in terms of shape, strength and endurance. I started lifting weights in my teens and continued to do so off and on until my late 20s, plus played a fair amount of rugby over the same period, so I was in reasonably good condition.

Now in my late 40s I’m aiming to be the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been by the time I’m 50 and I’m confident that if I continue to follow this book I will definitely get there.

Looking back to my teens, when I was reading the likes of Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazines, if this book had been available I would’ve started taking calisthenics seriously then and I probably would’ve achieved greater strength and size than I did with my sporadic weight training. I re-read this book regularly, to continue to motivate myself and to enhance my knowledge and understanding of what I’m going through. You will too.

I’m approaching halfway through Convict Conditioning “lessons” and discovering they really, really work. No fads or fashions, and next to no equipment needed. In my mid-forties, always active but often neglectful of fitness, it was just what I needed.

The great part is how easy it is to get started – the biggest problem with any exercise regimen. Six basic exercises make up the programme, but each exercise has 10 “levels” – for example, the goal of one-handed pushups (level 10) starts at level 1 of simple against-the-walls pushups, gentle and a starting point for building form. Start here and you build consistent form, at the right speed (slow!) to get most benefit from the resistance of your own body.

Secondly, the way you move through the levels (do all the level 1’s exercises first, and only move up when you reach the “progression standard” – you don’t need to wait until you reach it for all 6; just treat each exercise as its own path) stops the other problem of exercise for most people: BOREDOM.

Basically, just at the point you’re getting bored of an exercise, you reach the progression standard. So you can level up. This is a great help for non-gym lovers who just want to build and maintain good physical condition. (Wade doesn’t have many good things to say about gyms, btw, and even fewer good things to say about big-box gym gear in general.)

It’s also an easy and fun read, with excellent illustrations and photos. Of course, there’s some doubt over whether “Paul Wade” is a real person or a composite, but that hardly matters – the advice works, and even at level 1’s you start feeling the benefits of greater strength and simple enjoyment of moving your own body more easily in daily life. Highly recommended.

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