Cultivate Your Talent

cultivate your talent Your mind and body is like a garden.

If you ignore it and abuse it – the weeds will infest.

If you pay attention and work hard – It will flourish.

The trees will bear edible fruit. Flowers will spring up.

Cultivate your talent and YOUR life will change for the better.

Find the thing now you really want to do so that you can make other peoples lives better.

Don’t focus on the money – everything will come to you as long as you bring passion.

People who take calculated risk make the most in their life.

You must believe in yourself and step out to make forward progress.

SGPT Homework:
What is one thing that you enjoy and know that your good at? Even if your not good at it – what is one thing you like to do? Today; set aside extra time to spend on that activity. Relax and go all in with whatever this activity is. Look for ways to improve and grow your talent. This is your garden and daily you will come back to it and water and pull out the weeds so that it will flourish.

About the Author:
bradBrad McLeod knows first hand about mental toughness after being kicked out of a top tier Spec Ops training unit. He failed out of BUD/S the first time after failing a math test (made it through Hell Week and Dive Pool Comp). He came back a year later and graduated and served as an operator on the Navy SEAL Teams.

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