Danner Vicious vs Crafter Boot Comparison Review

Check out these comparisons and reviews for the Danner Vicious vs Crafter boots and you be the judge which is better.


I’ve had these Danner Vicious 4.5-Inch Work Boot for over a month and I am really liking them. I usually dont want to talk about a boot after only a few weeks but this one is fitting my foot perfect (I wear a size 11).

I work in a warehouse but I like to get out hiking with my dog after work or on the weekends. This is a 4.5 inch work boot with no metal in the toe. So when I am standing in a boot all day – any small imperfection starts to show. Plus when I hike with my dog in wet grass or go through a small creek you can really tell if a boot is not constructed well or is not water proof.

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During my day job i am wearing these for at least 9 hours a day for the whole week. The very back of the heel tread is wearing a little but I am taking a lot of steps in a day and any shoe would wear with that much traffic.

The other day I walked in a stream and the water proofing is holding up well and no signs of water leaks. Danner does make an 8 inch version of this same boot.

Danner Crafter Review

These boots took a little longer to break in but with a leather boot that can be the case. I work all day as a roofing contractor so I am up on a ladder, on hot roofs and walking non stop to get jobs done. The Danner Crafter 8 Inch Boot don’t weight as much as you would think so they don’t get heavy as the day goes on. I am very happy with these and if they ever wear out I will be buying another pair.


The Danner Vicious is a 4.5 inch boot vs the Danner Crafter with 8 inches. If you are wanting more ankle support then the Crafter is better.

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