Do you Date someone who is Anti-Gun Anti-American?

We live in new times, fellas.

You gotta be prepared for what is out there if you are on the dating scene.

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It aint like it used to be and liberals are slowly trying to destroy this great country and take us down one by one.

Matt Best shows how to handle an anti-gun, anti-American liberal before they get started.

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Question: Coach Brad; I am trying to get in shape for a Spartan Race and eventually try out for Special Forces. Do you have a workout program that can help me get in shape?

Answer: Yes; check out the 180 Day training program here.


Question: Coach; what is a good workout to help me improve my pull ups? I want to try out for BUDS next year.

Answer: A good workout is to do 5 pull ups every time you pass by the pull up bar in your door jam at home.

Another one is to do a pyramid starting at 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1.

You can also add pushups in between each set in a pyramid also. It gets burly as you add more numbers.

Question: Coach; I am trying to gain a few pounds to make it on the football team next year.

What can I do in the off season to gain some muscle and extra pounds so that I can hit and knock the hell out of guys?

Answer: I would eat extra protein (bacon, chicken, etc) each day along with eggs and whole milk.

I would add a good whey protein to the glass of milk.

Do all of the basic powerlifting exercises (squat, dead lift, shoulder press, bench press) each week at the gym.

Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours each night to rest your body completely.

Don Shipley bust phoney Navy SEAL CLubber Lang

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