Delta Force Operator Talks About Special Forces

Former Delta force Sergeant Major “Shrek” McPhee talks about his experience in Army Ranger school and working his way up the ladder.

I always knew I would join the Army and serve my country but did not know when or how that would happen.

I go to the Army recruiter and told them I wanted to be a Ranger.

I went through basic training at 20 years old and was a little older than most.

Airborne school at Fort Benning was a drinking fest. At the end of graduation the Ranger cadre showed up and get ready for RIP training.

RIP was an incredible eye opener but RIP was no joke brutal hard. I went to Ranger battalion after graduation and guys were doing to Green Beret training and I wanted to go.

Before Special Forces Selection my buddy told me “Theres nothing any do that you cant do”.

During Team week at Selection we had 12 guys get together and we had to carry a log or move a jeep without a tire. Move a barrel 12 miles. It was all team work and problem solving.

Then I went to Q course 18 charlie (demolition guy) blow stuff up in Engineer school. I was deployed to SF team 7th group in El Salvador which was just winding down from their recent war.

I went Unit Selection (Delta Force/CAG) and hung in there and got it done. I got back in from a long march and they gave me 12 more maps.

After that I went to the “Unit” board which was brutal. They told me to go in the next room where they fit you for your gear.

I knew I had made it to the Unit when they issued me a set of the Adidas GSG-9.2 tactical boot. I had heard of these boots but I knew that the regular Army doesn’t have these boots so I knew I was really going to the Unit.

I got shipped off to Afghanistan and one of the first scenes of action was the Tora Tora battle. Rounds going off on top of the mountain. Eating rice and flies, crapping in a hole in the ground.

Went to Iraq in 2003 and was living in Saddam Hussein palace with hot water and a gold sink. This is the way to make war.

The American war fighter is the finest in the world. No country spends as much money as the US on their soldiers to get them trained up.

Question: Coach Brad, I am 18 years old and looking to get into Ranger School. I am ok with ruck marching but need to gain some strength. Can you help me?

Answer: Check out the SGPT 90 Day STRENGTH program. We start out with the basics and work our way up with progressions. If you combine our program with ruck marching you will make tremendous gains toward your goal of Army Ranger school.

Question: What is a good book that I can read about the Army Delta Force?

Answer: Check out the book Delta Force: A Memoir by the Founder of the U.S. Military’s Most Secretive Special-Operations Unit.

This great book was written by the founder of “The Unit” Colonel Charlie A. Beckwith.

It will give you an inside look at an elite Special Forces Tier 1 unit.

I have read this book and recommend it to friends who want to learn more.

You can also read more about Special Forces on the US Army website here:

Question: What is the average age of guys that apply?
Answer: You see guys in their mid to late 20’s.

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