Why Didn’t You Clobber That Guy?

A close friend asked me the other day asked me a really great question.

Why didn’t you clobber the guy who jumped in front of us at the football game concessions.

Yes; we asked him to step back out of line.

But can you imagine me putting my hands on this guy to shove him out of line?

He looked like a recent graduate and probably a booster-alumni-teacher…or all three.

Headlines…”Navy SEAL Attacks University Professor During Football Game”.

That guy would now own my car, house and life savings after he gets a savvy lawyer and presses charges.

The easy way and fun way would be to put a boot in his ass.

But in today’s society you cannot instantly put hands on someone to settle minor problems.

Think again — this guy may have a concealed weapon…and not know how to use the gun and shoots the person next to you.

All I am saying is that YOU must have situational awareness.

There is a time to lay hands on another man and beat him down (he entered your home as a burglar).

There are many times where you have to slow it all down and make the exactly precise decision based on the information you have.

I am not saying to be a p@ssy.

What I am saying is to have emotional control.

Use the proper response versus the situation that is in front of you.

Don’t be a Mike Tyson and punch some random guy in the face because he mouthed off to you.

You know that cost “Iron Mike” a lot of $$$$ money to settle that one out.

The best example is how we were trained back in the day in the Navy SEALs.

In training, a scenario was put in front of you (A guy with a knife pointed at a hostage).

You had to decide quickly what to properly do in that situation.

Imagine now that he only has a smaller stick in his hand (hard to see) and looking menacingly at you and slowly moving/staggering towards you.

See what I mean?

How you respond in a situation can mean life and death — or a major change in your life.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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