Do These 2 Things and Get 1% Closer to Your Goal

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It’s Monday and I am Pumped!!

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Lets get real for a minute. Everybody wants Success.

But not everyone wants to do the hard work.

Stepping up to the next level is not easy.

If it were “easy” then everyone would graduate SEALFIT Kokoro.

If it were “easy” then everyone would make mega $$ and be chillin’ in Costa Rica.

So this message is for those who are ready to work hard and get great results.

How bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough you will not make excuses.

SGPT Athlete Kelly lost 15.6 lbs in the last 35 days using our SGPT Nutrition plan.

He stepped up to the plate. He had a plan and goals.

Kelly worked hard and avoided distractions and got the job done.

Was it easy? No. Were there obstacles? Yes.

You will be defined by how you respond to obstacles and hard times.

Anybody can quit. Anybody can make excuses and not work hard.

So what are the two things that will help you get 1% closer to your goal?

sgpt-motivation-commitmentYou have to be 100% committed.

At BUDS (Navy SEAL training) if you were not fully committed you would be flushed out of that program in the first week.

If you are committed to your cause you will be Unstoppable.

You have to be all in and have a burning desire to get the job done.

When your family and friends think of you – do they think you are committed to your cause?

sgpt-motivation-today-i-will-doYou have to out work the person next to you.

At BUDS you had to work hard every day or you would be dropped.

If you are trying to play college football at an elite level and dont work hard in practice – the head coach will not allow you to play first string on game day.

This is how you go from Average to Good to Great!

These are the two things that my mentors have taught me while I was at BUDS and during my time in the Navy SEAL Teams.

I was very fortunate to be able to be around great coaches and learn directly from them

P.S. We have a few slots open for SGPT Coaching here.

If you are looking for a solution to help you get to your dreams – this is your chance.

Do you have questions for me on fitness training or reaching your goals?

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Train Hard!

Brad McLeod


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