Do What Champions Do – To be a Champion

hockey champions canadaIf you are going to be a winner then you have to do what champions are doing.

Just spent the past week with Coach Divine and SEALFIT cadre working with the warriors in Canada.

While others slept in late and enjoyed the warm comforts of sitting on the couch – the Canadian warriors were crawling through the ice and snow.

They were working out hard and doing deep breathing exercises with Coach Divine.

Champions have rituals. Winners have good habits.

All of them – every single one has a very strong why.

Whats your why?

So many of you are out there going through the paces but in the end you don’t have a why.

Why do you wake up in the morning and go to work?

Why do you push yourself in that last rep of a workout?

Why do you stay up late studying and get up early to go to yoga?

If you have a why then it all becomes crystal clear.

The path is so much easier when you have a why.

If you have a why now – write it down.

If you don’t then think about it now and self examine.

When I rode 337 miles on my bike overnite I had a solid why as I did it for my cousin who suffered from Huntingtons disease.

I can’t feel sorry for myself when I know I am riding for someone who is laid up in a hospital bed.

If you have a cause that is bigger than yourself you will step up and get the job done.

What will you do to step up to become a champion?

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