Exercise and Nutrition

By Lucky Nghi

So as the weeks goes by I’m going to be posting new pointers, tips, and so on. I will be starting out with the fundamentals. For some this will be very basic maybe even repetitive, somethings will be mainstream while others not so much.

When it comes to weight loss (sustained weight loss), its a matter of balance. It is a combination of fitness (Cardiorespiratory capacity, Muscular capacity, and Flexibility.) as well a nutrition (Hormone regulation, Metabolism, Repair and Recovery).

Both are vitally important, I have worked with people who wanted to do it just through nutrition although this can happen it doesn’t last because they often go back to eating how they ate prior to the change. Without exercise the return to the original state is very quick if the body is not primed physically.

Some dietary methods (primarily mainstream methods) require that you have to add a moderate level of exercise and will not work at all unless exercise and fitness is combined no matter how clean you eat according to the given guidelines. I will discuss further as we go along with what I mean by main stream.

For most this is probably obvious, but the take away from this is to think about the two aspects of nutrition and exercise. You can’t focus strictly on just the training, the potential of the human body is based on basic building blocks, energy and recovery which is based off of nutritional understanding. It can’t be based of just a set of dietary guidelines because lets face it, in the world we live in diets are not sustainable (for most people including myself), things like Christmas parties happen.

So I would consider that even though this is a fatloss focused page to begin thinking about the fitness aspect as well, SealgrinderPT is an excellent source, and I have been using the tips myself for my ultra run preparation.

The second thing I will have to mention before embarking on a fitness goal is mindset, all to often people start off incredibly ambition and fall short as they progress. Make a big commitment to the outcome, make it costly, realize what it cost you if you don’t get the outcome.

Recommended program to listen to to get you going would be “Rise up” through SEALgrinderpt. I don’t want to sound like a commercial but I truly do believe in its value of mindset to getting to the end of a goal.

This is a very basic tip and I promise we will move it along, although keep in mind that sometimes the fundamentals are more important that the complexity of “special methods and techniques”

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