Explore the Question of “What is Your Why?”

People ask me all the time “How did you get through BUDS after failing out the first time?”

I tell them one answer “Family”.I could never quit because all I wanted is for my Dad to say he is proud of me. For my family to be proud of my accomplishments.That may sound corny as hell — old fashioned Grand Pa sh@t.

But hear me out.

I did not sit in the freezing cold water of the Pacific for a half @ss girlfriend. I did not inhale gulps of water into my lungs for money and fame.

It happened because I had a “WHY” that was far bigger than me.

My fierce desire to represent my family drove me to endure any discomfort.

If I did it for girls, or money or fame I would have been knocked out in the second week. The training is made to be incredibly hard – so that only the trainees who have the strongest will can survive.

What is your “WHY”?  Have you written it down?

Your why can change for different reasons or can gradually change over the years.

Today if I think I am in slight discomfort (mountain bike riding all night in the deep forest) I think of the Navy SEAL Veterans or homeless teens I am riding for.

What is your why?

What gives you the most rise in your chest when the subject is mentioned?

What kind of feeling do you have when you think of this idea?

Write that down now in your journal. You do have a training journal don’t you?

If you don’t click here to check out the SGPT article on training journals.

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