Failed out of BUDS? WTF!?!

When I failed out of BUDS (Navy SEAL training) for the first time for a math test I was devastated.

(Read the SGPT article “Why candidates fail out of BUDS” here)

I wanted to blame the Instructors saying “they had it in for me”.

Then I wanted to blame the Navy for tricking me into signing up.

But in the end I had only myself to blame.

I had trained all the wrong ways (in a bodybuilding gym) and was a C minus student in math back in high school.

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It was all clearly on my shoulders.

I took full ownership and checked out several math books from the base library.

I hit the hot box gym (deep in the bowels of the Navy ship) and did freak show bodyweight workouts for an hour straight.

(Read some of the bodyweight workouts I did in the hot box)

Then I would go up on the flight deck and do pull ups on the overhead railing and then run laps and walking lunges on the metal deck for another hour

Just like the workouts in BUDS.  Intense bodyweight workouts followed by the pull up bar and a run.

Everyday, 365 days a year I hit it hard and then I hit it again.

I had a few rest days in there but those were BUDS mobility workouts… so I was still hitting it.

I of course went back and finished the drill and graduated BUDS.

The moral of the story? Dont Freaking Quit.  Never give up.

If you plan did not work then scrap that plan and come up with another plan.

What are you hitting today?

Email me right now and let me know your goal and what you are doing to make it happen.

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Train Hard!

Brad McLeod

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