Freak Frogman workout results Jean-Michel

I am really psyched to share the result from Jean Michel after completing the Freak Frogman workout from

“Good morning Coach:

I completed Freak Frogman.

Thank you what a great program I loved it, it was very challenging.

Here are my baseline / test out results.

In my future workouts I will work on improving quality of the movements (deeper and the push-ups, lower/higher on the pull-ups). Also I raised my pull-up bar in the garage 1 feet the last week of the program.”

Pushups 2 minutes baseline was 49 now 55 (+12.3% increase)

Situps 2 minutes baseline was 35 now 43 (+22.9% increase)

Pullups baseline was 9 now 13 (+44.4% increase)

Run 1.5 mile baseline was 12:38 now 10:50 (13% faster)

Jean Michel F.

Wow; those are great results Jean! Thanks so much for joining our team. I got your emails with questions and enjoyed helping you on your journey.

Check out the Freak Frogman workout Ebook here:

Forge 45: Transformation Workouts

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