Front Sight Focus

By Commander Mark Divine.

Each morning you have the opportunity to start your life fresh by taking powerful action to propel you toward your goals.

Whether your goal is to defy the odds with a new venture, elevate your career, spend more time with your family or gear up for your next athletic challenge…

Success in those important endeavors can be ensured by using The Way of the SEAL principle of “Front Sight Focus” which will allow you to select the right targets and to zero in on them until complete.

Thus far, the book is an best seller and the feedback has been tremendous, such as from Christopher who wrote:”The Way of SEAL: Think Like an Elite Solider to Succeed and Lead in Life by Mark Divine is a great book for mind, body, and soul. I enjoyed this book because it gives you simple ways to take your goals and put them into concrete actions. One of the tenets of the book is “Front Sight Focus”. This is the ability to focus on one goal at a time until it is achieved.”

Or George, who wrote:

“This book is amazing. I have read many self help books, and The Way of the SEAL is by far the best. Why? Because It is pragmatic. Rather than dealing with theory or talking about the successes of other people, Mark Divine provides a very practical book that the reader can use as a workbook to significantly improve their life.”

We will be ending the launch offer by December 28th at midnight so click here to get your copy today and receive a couple gifts from the team.

Here’s to an outstanding 2014!

Commander Mark Divine

PS: some other reviews:

“The Way of the SEAL is The Book of Five Rings for the twenty-first century. Mark Divine is a true master.”

— Donn Mann, Former U.S. Navy SEAL and Author of New York Times Bestseller Inside SEAL Team Six

“The Way of the SEAL is a revelation. This book will transform you into a person for whom success — in all areas of life — is as natural as breathing.”

— Susan Solovic, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Media Personality, and Bestselling Author of Girls’ Guide to Power and Success

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