Garage Gym Equipment List

Theres not much better than starting up your own Garage Gym with a few friends from the neighborhood. One buddy has a bench and another has a barbell. You make a slam ball with an old basketball and take an extra hour to build a box jump. You guys are in business and ready to workout. No more expensive gym fees at the local Globo Gym where they kicked you out for sweating and looking too buff.  Heck, you even tried to show them how to do the snatch and they took it as an insult.

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The barbell is the basis of any garage gym. Yes; you can start out with bodyweight workouts and work your way up. But the garage just got “real” when you break out the barbells. Until then your just another wannabe. Get a good bar that won’t bend if you drop from head high – but probably no reason to buy a $700 bar like they use in the olympics. Get a barbell with good knurling and bearings – not a pin.

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After the barbell you will want to invest in some good bumper plates with steel inserts. The bumper plates are made from recycled tires and plastic so you can drop them from head high on a concrete floor. Don’t listen to your lame buddy down the street who says steel plates are the way to go. They aren’t. That is sooo 1980’s. Step into 2010 and get a pair of bumper plates. You will not regret it.

Ever notice an Olympic gymnast? These guys are ripped and have shoulders like bowling balls. But their also super flexible, can scratch behind their neck and can handle their bodyweight like a ninja cat. Their main piece of equipment is the gym rings which are seeing a surge in popularity in garage gyms across the world.

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If you want to build speed and improve your jump then you got to spend time on a plyo box. Improve your balance, agility and fast twitch muscles to explode. You can make a box with a little work but new box systems are so easy to put together go ahead and spend a few bucks. The 24 inch or 20 inch is good.

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A wall ball (aka medicine ball) is a must for a garage gym. Not only can you use it for warm ups but it is a staple of workouts with wall ball shots up to 10 ft for men and 8 ft for the ladies.

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A pull up bar is a must and not only great for pull ups and bar muscle ups but also to hang your gym rings. Many good core exercises like toe to bar and knee to chest can be done also.

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The jump rope should be listed as one of the first items as it is the cheapest in price and maybe best value. Work your cardio, foot work and agility all in one shot. A good jump rope will last for a while and not fall apart after a week of hard use.

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