Why the Goon Squad Sucks and what I did about it…

My first time through BUDS I was not a very good runner.

I was middle of the pack to back of the pack. The more soft sand the slower I got.

When trainees would straggle behind on the runs they would cut the slower runners back.

They were put in the “Goon Squad”.  I had no clue what was about to happen.

The Instructors made us get on our belllies and crawl to the surf and start with 8 count bodybuilders.

Then jumping jacks and crawl back out of the surf and into the soft sand to make “sugar cookies”.

Then we would commence to a beat down in the soft sand with pushups and more jumping back and bodybuilders – it was a suck fest!

Yall know I failed out of BUDS the first time for a math test.

The second time I went back I swore that I would become a better runner – a faster runner.

I knew I hard to train harder and smarter to not be put back in the Goon Squad

Plus I wanted to improve my times on the runs compared to last time.

So I did go back to BUDS and pass that math test.

And I was never in the Goon Squad again as I stayed in the middle of the pack and did not straggle back.

I used that same strategy today in my day to day life.

If I want to get better at something – I find the best coaches and learn from them.

I met Coach Jeff Grant at SEALFIT Kokoro a few years back and he gave us a personally coached session on “Pose Running”.

My running improved that day from just a few small adjustments that Coach Jeff pointed out.

Grow 1% daily — right?

Check out Coach Jeff Grants Ebook – Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks

Gotta run – heading out to the forest with my sheep dog Hannah for a ride.

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