Green Beret, US Service Members Killed in Somalia

Earlier this week in Somalia, at least one US Army Green Beret was killed, and four other US service members were wounded when enemy forces used small arms fire and mortars when attacking the US, Somali and Kenyan coalition force.

Also wounded was one of the coalition soldiers.

The mission was to eradicate a militant Islamist group, al-Shabaab, from villages clustered about 220 miles southwest of Mogadishu and create an outpost. The report of the casualties came from AFRICOM (US Africa Command).

One of the US soldiers was able to receive care at the scene, while the others were transported from the area in order to receive treatment.

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The US troops were to provide aerial surveillance and other assistance during the mission. The Green Beret was providing intelligence. AFRICOM’s presence has come under criticism after an ambush in October of 2017 in Niger that left four service members dead.

49 members of al-Shabaab were killed during three airstrikes that took place in an approximate two-week period. During that particular time, no African or US soldiers were wounded.


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