Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

How to Improve your Pull-ups
Grinder Strength Pull-up E-bookby Brad McLeod
former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

Have you struggled with getting your first pull-up?

Got a few pull-ups but tired of the same old dull workouts?

Training for the BUD/S PST and almost have 8 pull-ups to pass the test?

Want to see what it’s like to train like a Navy SEAL out on the grinder – mastering the pull-up with ease?

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-bookThe Grinder Strength Pull-up “How to Improve Your Pull-ups” is the E-book for you.

Stoked full of how to lessons taking you from zero pullups to mastering the Chest to Bar (C2B workout).

  • Links to 12 new pull-up improvement videos and written text taking you through each pull-up progression – from no pullups to cranking a dozen for speed.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book– Stretching workouts to prepare you for pull-ups and help you cool down

  • Grip strength video and workouts to help you improve your holding power.  What good is a pull-up if you cant hang on the bar?

  • 30 day workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has Pull-up progressions from starting with band pull-ups working your way up the ladder to Chest to bar pull-ups.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has 3 Interviews from top Pull-up coaches Stew Smith, Zach Even-Esch and Al Kavadio.  All tops in the field of helping you get better at pull-ups.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book has 60 pages packed with workouts, videos, interviews and no BS advice to get your chin over the bar.

Proof of purchase of the Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book will get you unlimited pull-up questions with Brad McLeod, former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer.  Not many fitness books give you thatkind of direct correspondence with the coach/writer.  A great deal and a good way to learn.

This E-book is GUARANTEED to improve your pullups or your money back in full.  If you go through all 90 days of workouts and document your workouts in your training log  — and you dont show any improvement – we will refund your money.  We are confident that if you workout hard and follow this E-book workout you will improve.

Only $9.99 in an active PDF format so that you can link in and view YouTube videos and read additional pull-up articles online.

Get your E-book PDF copy now through PayPal and have email access to the Coach and asking pull-up questions right away.

Buy here $9.99 – instant download

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for Grinder Strength Pull-Ups
Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book
Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: Is there a way to get Brad McLeod Grinder Pull Up Ebook on Torrent? If you pirate download the pdf then you will not get the benefit. If you cheat on this you will cheat on all things.

Grinder Strength Pull-up E-book

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