Grip Strength Training for American Ninja Warrior

Check out these tips from Isaac Caldiero who is a busboy from Ft. Collins, Colorado and one of the best rock climbers in America.

He recently won the American Ninja Warrior competition and walked away with $1 million cash.

Needless to say, Isaac is a bad @ss that knows a little bit about grip strength.

Watch as Isaac shows you a few techniques to build gorilla like grip strength with some simple steps.

Check out rock climbing training holds at

Notice how Isaac uses the split finger grip to get the best grip on the ball.

atomic climbing holdsIf you don’t have the money for these balls/climbing holds you can always make your own at of wood or cement. You can use wooden dowels by using a landscape timber and drilling a hole through it to connect. Get creative as it is really easy to build these devices and give your grip strength a major test.