Halfway In? Finish the Drill!

brad mcleod tlh tangoI was out on a long endurance mountain bike ride this past week.

Got to the half way point and was going to take the easy way out and call my wife to pick me up.

My riding buddy mentioned to me “Your half way in bro, go ahead and finish it out”.

Thought about that for a minute and said you know what your right — I have to finish this sucker out.

It clicked in my mind — yeah; that is kinda like wednesday at Hell Week.

Once you are to that point of half way — you can’t quit.

What was good is I was surrounded at that table by other guys who had ridden long distance and knew what it took to finish it out. I was around other guys who were going place and pushing themselves.

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So often we get to the mid point and say “I have had enough”. Or “I have learned what I came here to learn”. ┬áThat is cool — and a good idea.

But you will learn more and grow 1% when you dig down a little bit deeper and push yourself to finish the drill.

SGPT Homework:
What is something that you are close to finishing but are having problems shutting the door? Write it down. Find an accountability partner to help you push through.

Post up in comments below and let me know or send me an email brad@sealgrinderpt.com

Finish the Drill

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