How do you create “Fire in the Gut”?

Navy-Seal-Training-fire in the gutThat is a great question. How do you create “fire in the gut”? I first heard this term when I was in Basic Underwater Demolition / Navy SEAL training in Coronado, California.

It means to have an abundance of motivation, strong will and determination.

How do we start out to build this? How do you create the spark to get the flame lit?

Check out these tips.

Do you have your goals written down?

Write down your goals in one paragraph. Make them realistic but something that you will have to dig down to achieve. Post it on your mirror at home or put in your wallet. Write down how you will achieve your goal.

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#2. WHY
Do you have a strong “why”?
Figuring out your why is the key to it all. When you have a strong enough why you can do anything. It could be for your family or for a friend who is in need. It could be for yourself. Either way – figure out your why. If you don’t know your why you can find it out later on your journey.

If you have that then you will have all the fire in the gut you need.

Example: My next goal is to bike ride 312 miles non-stop. I am doing the long ride to raise awareness and funds for my cousin who is stricken with Huntingtons disease. He cannot breathe on his own and has a tube in his throat to help him.

See how that works?

brad mcleod tlh tangoI have a big gnarly goal. One that is a little scary.  But I have an even bigger why. To pedal strong for my cousin.

It will be impossible for me to get off that bike and sit down when I know my cousin is suffering.

When your why is strong enough you can do anything. You don’t have to be going to BUDS training to use this method. You can use it at any time during your life.

How can you find your why? Look around you. Find others that are in need of your help. When you do something greater than yourself you will rise to the next level.

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