How Long Do You Hold the Plank Position in SEALFIT’s Kokoro?

Just got this question from one of our SGPT athletes.

Question: Coach Brad; how long do you have to hold the plank position for in SEALFIT Kokoro?

Can you rest on your elbows?

Do they really hold the plank for 45 minutes?

How can I train for this crucible event?

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Question: How can I train to get ready for this?

Answer: Check out the SGPT Plank Challenge here:

Start with 30 seconds plank and add 10 seconds a day till failure.

Rest a day and start over again at 40 seconds and build back up.

To make it through Kokoro you have to be trained and ready to go.

This could take weeks, months or years depending on your ability. We suggest you start out with a 20X event or a GORUCK and work your way up.

Check out this video with plank variations

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Question: I’m doing pretty great with the workouts but I have trouble with my diet.

It’s still pretty bad.

Do you have any specific programs for that?

Answer: Yes—we have an awesome 60-Day Clean and Healthy Eating Challenge.

We have a certified nutrition coach standing by to help you with this challenge.

Question: What about using a weight vest to strengthen my core and abs?

Answer: Yes; if you can hold plank for 5 minutes or more after a hard workout then it would be ok to use a weight vest.

Go slow at first and do 20 seconds first day, 30 seconds on 2nd day and then continue.


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