How to Avoid the Pain of Regret

I get a ton of emails every day.

Too many of them are from athletes that have the pain of regret.

They wished they would have done that “BIG” something but had failed.

It could have been playing on the high school football team.

Or going into the military.

Or pursuing whatever big gnarly dream that you have.

We all want to finish the drill and see what it is like to be a winner.

I am the first to tell you that I was once on the fence myself.

I got kicked out of Navy SEAL BUDS training after making it over half way through.

I was sent to the fleet Navy to chip paint and swap the decks on a rust bucket ship.

But I knew deep down that if I did not pick myself up and go at it again….

that I would live with the regret of wondering if I could have made it.

Do you have that feeling inside of you?

That you wished you would have done something good and now regret it?

You dont have to live that way.

Every morning when you get up and brush your teeth you have that ability to re-make yourself.

Can I get a head nod – do you agree?

You have the power to transform yourself into anything that you want.

Can I get a Hooya – that is what you want?

But first you have to get clear in your mind what it is that you want to be.

#1 Write down your goals.
Tons of people will fill out a March Madness basketball pool sheet and follow it diligently. But 98% of those same people dont have their goals written down – let alone follow them and complete them. That is sad.

#2 Get an accountability partner
In Navy SEAL training we had a swim buddy. Today I have a gym workout partner.
Either way that is your partner that you trust to help you get the job done.

#3 Start small and slowly build up
It is good to get all excited about your workouts but be careful and dont try to do too much too soon. Your body will tell you if you are pushing the outer limit as you will get hurt and also be drained and get sick. Go slow and build up a base for the long haul.

#4 Finish the drill
If you use the three tips above you will be above 90 percent of the people out there. You will be on track to accomplish your goal. Many times the last few yards of the race is the hardest. That is where you have to put your head down and drive forward. I can assure you that standing on the podium and graduating BUDS was an amazing feeling. I want you to have that feeling of winning also.

Nothing is preventing you from reaching your goals except YOU.

Most of the time we have to get out of our own way so that we can see clearly and then step forward towards our goals.

Do you have the courage to step forward today and take ownership of your dream?

Gotta run… I am heading out to hike and bike with my loyal sheep dog Hannah in the woods of north Florida.

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You owe this to yourself to step forward and take ownership of your goals and dreams.

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