I did not have to – But I did it anyway

Most of you know the story of how I got kicked out of Navy SEAL BUDS training the first time.

The short story is that I failed a math test over half way through and got sent to the Fleet Navy to chip paint and swab the decks.

It was the most humiliating time of my life.

I could have been a little b@tch and demanded a “safe space” but I had a Inner Fire that could not be extinguished.

You see I did not have to go back to BUDS.

I could have made excuses and told my family and buddies back home that I got hurt and I got a bum rap.

But inside of me a freaking fire raged out of control and I was obsessed to go back.

I did not have to – But I did it anyway to save my Soul from a lifetime of regret.

The ship I was on was The USS Cleveland and to call it a rust bucket is being kind.

The weight room was a windowless metal room with hardly any ventilation and rusty dumbbells.

I set up camp in that dungeon and made it my home.

I did every conceivable bodyweight workout and routine ever devised.

I did walking lunges down the alley ways and pull ups under the stair well.

I could have complained that I did not have a top rate CrossFit facility and juice bar but I did not need that for my next battle.

I knew that the real battle would be between my ears as I turned off the outside static of those who said I could not make it.

On the ship they laughed at me and called me a “failure” as I had already proved them right – I had failed out of BUDS.

But I knew that just because you fail once that doesnt make you a failure forever.

You see – you are defined by what happens when you fall down.

Do you lay in the dirt and moan like a wounded animal?

Or do you slowly get back on your knees and say “F@ck this ….. I am better than this”.

You will always be defined by who you are in that moment of getting knocked down.

No one gives a Sh@t about what you do when the sun is shining and everything is going your way.

What matter is who you are and who you become when you get knocked down.

I tell my son that often. I try to relay the lessons that I learned in my failure in BUDS and how I turned my whole life around to success.

I wrote it all down in this Freak Frogman Ebook and I keep updating every year since I wrote it 5 years ago.

Even if you are not going to BUDS – we have had athletes use this to lose 10 lbs of fat and run their first 5k.

But my point is not to promote my book Рbut rather to say to you that I am here to help  you.

Just like there were others that helped me in times of need.

Email brad@sealgrinderpt.com with your question and I will answer.

Go ahead – I dare you to try me out. I answer every single email.

P.S. If you are interested in the Freak Frogman Ebook we have a deal through the Christmas Holiday use code “YOUR20OFF” to get 20% off the Freak Frog Ebook and any audios.

Train Hard!

Brad McLeod


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