I was once weak and small but here is what I did about it

brad-mcleod-age-14Growing up I was always smaller than most other kids.

I ended up being about 5 ft 8 but I had to eat a lot of eggs and steak to get there.

By chance I happened to get turned on to weight lifting by a friend of mine.

We would go down to his barn and lift weights on a bench press that he had.

I was sore as hell the next day but I felt that inner burn to go back for more.

And then I went back and went back and slowly added a plate or two.

From there we both signed up at the local bodybuilding gym and found ourselves as the weakest scrawniest teenage boys amongst a gym of muscle bound men.

We just wanted to train and get stronger so we did not care that other bigger guys made fun of us. In fact it made us want to try harder.

You see – we were on a mission.

A quest to improve and build ourselves up and claw ourselves up from being the little guys that the big boys picked on.

It took a while – I aint gonna lie. It was not a pretty process.

Kinda like an ugly caterpillar squirming in the cocoon.

But I was setting the foundation for something greater in life.

That is when I read a book Everything We Had: An Oral History of the Vietnam War As Told by 33 American Men Who Fought It about becoming a Frogman. I was mesmerized… spellbound.

I knew the training would be tough – and not knowing any better – I lifted more weights.

And the more weights I lifted – meant I was going back to lift more weights.

I did little cardio but I could squat 2X plus my bodyweight.

Somehow I passed the test and got a spot at BUDS.

the Somehow meaning that I performed at an out of mind and body level as I knew this was my only shot or I was going to the Fleet Navy to swab the decks.

goon squad budsBut at BUDS (my first time) I was often in the Goon Squad and got tortured repeatedly.

But when it came time for a 4 mile test run – I put on my game face and F$%&d shit up.

I made every single obstacle course, swim and run time. Barely.

I was not trained properly but I learned in the school of experience.

Going through BUDS and seeing what I saw led me to a really big revelation.

That I did not need to lift weights at all to train for or perform at BUDS.

WOW! That freeking shook my world.

As I thought that muscle and mass and brawn was how to do it.

I was wrong.

But I found the right way to train. It was simple.

Do every single BUDS PT workout that I knew of.

Then go out and run, swim, hike or bike for an hour or two.

Come back the next day and do it again and again and again.

Every other day throw in a sand bag (you can easily make one) or a ruck and work out with that too. Drag or push a sled. In fact you don’t even need a sled.

Get a tire and pour concrete and dirt in it and wrap a rope around it and drag it. Tire sled DIY tips here:

There is nothing sexy about it. It is good old fashioned hard work and sweat and some grit thrown in.

Drop the weights and get outside and run and PT.

sgpt-stay-motivated-213x300Question: How can I get myself motivated to workout like you did to get ready for BUDS?

Answer: I would motivate myself daily by listening to positive mental attitude speeches and audios.

Once I got done with one I would take notes and learn one good thing and then take massive action.

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