Interview with Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor

SGPT: Tell us about yourself?

KD:I grew up in Alabama, became a SEAL by age 18, deployed all over including Afghanistan and since I got out I became a sponsored professional shooter with my own company.

SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up?

KD: Yes. Varsity letters for football and track from the 9th grade to the 11th. Cross country my senior year to prep for BUD/S.


SGPT: Which BUDS class did you go through? What was the hardest part of BUDS for you?

KD: Class 201, Hardest part for me was pool comp in second phase. I passed but it stays in my mind as the most difficult evolution for me personally.

SGPT: Please tell us about the Haleyville fundraiser.

KD: I’m running the 34 mile route, which is usually walked, and changes each year to represent Mark’s age that year- to honor Mark Forester, a CCT operator who was KIA in Afghanistan, we are both from Haleyville and our families grew up together, and also to raise money for The Mark Forester Foundation which provides a scholarship each year to a student from out high school.

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SGPT: That is a long distance to run. How are you training for this event.

KD: I’ve ran a number of ultras before, mostly 50 milers, so I luckily have the experience to fall back on. I’m basically doing back to back long days of 3-4 hours each and another 2 or 3 one hour long runs each week, ending about two weeks out from the May 16 race day with a nice taper. This run ends up being a 50K plus a couple miles but the hilly terrain of The Ville is my biggest concern. Shouldn’t be an issue though.

SGPT: How can athletes register or donate online if they live far away?

KD: Go to and click the donate tab which will take you to their Paypal page. To register, click on registration.

SGPT: Tell us more about your shooting school.

KD: I wouldn’t say I have a school per se, I don’t own a range. About 90% of my business is gov/Mil and I train those guys on pistol, carbine, scoped rifle and CQB. I only do around a dozen of maybe 14 open enrollment classes each year which anyone who can pass a background check and has decent experience with shooting can attend.

SGPT: If someone wanted to train at your school what would be the best way to get in touch and start?

KD: Visit my website — and check out what you might be in to.

SGPT: Many thanks for the interview Kyle.

KD: V/R, Kyle Defoor

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Questions from our SGPT athletes.

Question: What is a good book to learn more about making it through BUDS?

Answer: We like the book Breaking BUD/S: How Regular Guys Can Become Navy SEALs.

It gives a good inside look at what happens day to day and what to expect.

You will still have to train hard and be ready for that day.

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QUESTION: Coach, what do you like to add to your workout shakes?

ANSWER: I use Athletic Greens in our shakes. It’s got tons of great nutrition—vitamins and minerals. Plus it mixes up easy in milk or water.