Is Brad McLeod a Phony Navy SEAL? Don Shipley?

brad mcleod phony navy seal don shipleyWe get this question (accusation) about once a month.. sometimes twice in a week.

Accusation from angry blog reader: Has anyone ever really checked to see if this guy “Brad McLeod” is a phony Navy SEAL? He looks fake. Is he scamming us? Has anyone called Don Shipley?

Answer: Well, not sure what to say about that one. Maybe I can send you a copy of my DD-214? Or you can call Don Shipley and rat me out?

I get these questions a lot so I figure I would at least try to dispel some rumors. Ha 🙂

Don Shipley doing a great service for our Country

Accusation: “Yeah; but you weren’t in the Afghanistan war!!”. You not SEAL!?!

Answer: Ok, yeah; I was not. I was here in suburban Georgia raising a family and serving my community. I support all troops that served overseas to keep our nation safe.

Accusation: Your too short and small to be a SEAL. Mark Divine is tall and muscled.

Answer: Yes; that is true – I am weak sauce looking. Most SEALs are about 5 ft 10 and lean muscled. I am a “Tom Cruise” 5 ft 8 inches and was in the “Smurf” boat crew.

Accusation: What BUDS Class were you in? That is how we know you phony SEAL.

Answer: I started in Class 125 and failed out in second phase. I spent a year in the fleet chipping paint on the USS Cleveland. Then I came back and graduated Class 132 on May 5, 1983. It was a bright sunny May day and the wind swept across my face.. just like i visualized it would be.

Accusation: You say your graduated? How do we know for sure as they may not have given you papers?

Answer: How do you really know I was not given papers? Who told you that? Actually it is on my DD-214. I can send you a copy if you like.

Accusation: Why did you fail out of Class 125? That is how we know you is fake.

Answer: I was dropped from class 125 due to a math test that I failed twice. I had passed pool comp but could not pass the written dive tables test. I was sent to the fleet Navy for a year and served on the USS Cleveland (LPD-7). I came back and started class 132 and eventually graduated.

Accusation: Do you take Steroids, HGH or testosterone shots?

Answer: No, I have not.. but am actively researching them now that you mentioned. Do you have any sources?

Accusation: Do you know what Stolen Valor is? What Team were you on?

Answer: I served on SEAL Team Four in Little Creek Virginia.

Accusation: Do you oil yourself up for your YouTube videos? Pump your muscles up with the pushups?

Answer: Yes, I am glad you noticed.

Accusation: You don’t have a SEAL designation – you were a radioman (RM) so you are fake.

Answer: Yes; I went to boot camp in San Diego in October 1982 and also Radioman “A” school across the street.  They did not have the SEAL (SO) designation back then.

Accusation: How long did you serve? You are too young to be a SEAL.

Answer: I went in the Navy at 19 years old in October 1982. I finished 6 years later in November 1988.

Do you know of someone who claims to be a Navy SEAL but your skeptical?

Get in contact with Don Shipley and he can root them out and expose them.

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