It could always be Worse…

It could always be Worse…
navy seal buds hell week mudThis was my mantra this past weekend.

Rode 300 miles on a mtn bike 40 hours straight (no sleep) across the State of Florida.

From the Atlantic side to the Gulf of Mexico.

When I thought I had a little discomfort – I remembered this saying.

Coach Lance at SEALFIT loves to say it often.

Cadre Bert Kuntz at GORUCK just posted up a photo today with this saying.

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Bert said that and a bag of M&M’s got him through the Special Forces Q course.

A mantra is just a positive saying that you repeat over and over in your mind.

When times are tough this can make a huge difference to help get you past a rough spot.

What is your mantra? Do you have one? If not then write one down.

Have you tested yourself lately? To see how far you could go?

To see if you will be ready for anything at anytime?

Self evaluation… testing yourself is a great tool as you see where the “F” you are in life.

No one really wants to be a cream puff sitting on the couch playing X box.

Deep down we all want to be hard. We all want to answer the call when it comes in.

We just need to find that inner warrior.

We have to get rid of all the clutter and garbage around us.

Have a goal and then get after it like a pit bull in a fight. Never let go.

What is your dream? Do you want to find your inner warrior?

Email me today… yes; I will try my best to personally answer every email that comes in.

I love to help other athletes and tap into that “inner warrior”. That is what makes us feel ALIVE.

Email me now – just hit reply or go to

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Train Hard!

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