Jocko Podcast with US Marine and Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer

Dakota Meyer, Dakota Meyer Medal of HonorSgt. Dakota Meyer is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan and was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during the Battle of Ganjgal Kunar Province, Afghanistan.

On September 8, 2009, Meyer learned that three Marines and a Navy corpsman—who were members of his squad—were missing following an ambush by insurgents.

While taking enemy fire, Meyer entered area where his friends were last seen and began searching for them. Unfortunately, they were killed by the insurgents inhabiting that area. Shortly after finding his friends, Meyer saw a Taliban fighter attempting to remove the bodies.

When Meyer tried to stop him, the fighter attacked him.

Dakota Meyer, Dakota Meyer Medal of Honor

Meyer, using a rock, was able to beat the Taliban member to death. With the aid of Afghan soldiers, Meyer was able to move the bodies to an area that would allow for their extraction.

During the search for his squad members, Meyer evacuated 12 “friendly wounded” while also providing cover for 24 Marines and soldiers to allow for their escape.

Meyer, the first Marine in 38 years to receive the Medal of Honor, is the second-youngest living recipient, and the third to receive the honor during the first and second Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan.

“115 is up Into The Fire. Thanks to Dakota Meyer for coming on the podcast.

This podcast was hard to record. It brought back a lot of memories for Dakota and stirred old memories for me. Of places, of people, of Heroes and the deeds they did.

There are some moments of silence in the podcast where neither one of us could say anything.

During those moments of silence: REMEMBER.”

Jocko Willink

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