Kill Cliff blackberry lemonade flavor review

kill cliff blackberry lemonade reviewI have been drinking the Kill Cliff original flavor for about 4 years now..

Just tried the new blackberry lemonade flavor and was digging it.

I keep a case of KC in the man fridge and always have a cool one after a garage gym workout.

The new taste is good and goes down easy.

Plus I know it is good for my body with the B vitamins, taurine and ginseng.

Good job Kill Cliff.
Brad McLeod, SEALgrinderPT

Check Out Our Delicious New Berry Legit Recovery Drink Flavor!

There’s legit… and then there’s Berry Legit. Let’s compare. It took your grandma decades of practice to become that sweet, but Berry Legit was born naturally sweetened. And at a sugar-free 20 calories per can, it won’t have you unbuckling your belt after finishing off a whole plate of its lemonade & blackberry mixtape of magnificence. It’s the family gathering you actually want to go to. It’s the birthday card that fills up with more cash as you get older.It’s the recovery drink you choose after crushing another year of those 365 history rewriting days you call your life.

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Kill Cliff blackberry lemonade flavor review

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