How Do You Learn Mental Toughness Like a Navy SEAL?

Navy SEALs are said to be some of the most mentally tough people on the planet.

Their training process includes one of the hardest physical and mental challenges on the planet: Hell Week. Mental Toughness can be learned. You just have to practice. We provide 4 Key Steps to learning Mental Toughness.

So how does one learn Mental Toughness?

It’s really just 4 basic steps. If you apply these steps to your training program and whatever comes up in life every day, you will see results.

Test yourself.

Tip #1: Work on Getting 1% Better Every Day

To do this, just focus on on doing everything 1% better every day.

Washing the dishes, your laundry, your workout etc. Just make that effort to just do it a little bit better.

You will be amazed at the results.

Tip #2: Practice the Fundamentals While Learning New Skills

The fundamentals are your foundation.

Practice them! Maintain good form when training, make your bed in the morning, eat clean healthy food.

Learning new skills is how you grow and build confidence. With confidence comes the ability to conquer nearly any task.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Failure happens.

It’s part of life.

Don’t dwell on it.

Analyze the failure, learn what worked and what didn’t. Move on. It’s that simple.

Failure doesn’t mean you’re quitting or should quit. It just means you have a new opportunity to try again—better.

That’s how you create success.


Needs no explanation!

QUESTION: Coach, I feel like I just can’t get ahead every day. It’s been a sh*t couple of years I feel like that dude in that story where he pushes a boulder up a hill every day only to have it roll back down and he has to start over.

I feel like giving up. What can I do to change things in my head? Tim P.

ANSWER: Great question, Tim. Check out this article that I think will really help—10 Tips to Increase Mental Toughness

QUESTION: Hi, Coach. I want things to be different for me this year in school (I’m a junior in high school) but I can’t seem to break this problem of not having much self-confidence. I started working out more this summer and that’s helped but I still feel real blocked. I want to go into the Air Force when I graduate and I can’t be like this. Do you have any suggestions how I can get more confident?

ANSWER: Yes—check out this article on 10 Tips to Break Through Mental Barriers. .Remember–just shoot for 1% every day.



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