Lessons to My Son: Finish the Drill

I woke up early this morning to go to the gym with my buddy for dead lifts.

I went into the room to wake up my son so that he could go to football camp.

He said he was sore and did not want to go.
Ohhh Hellz Nawww…. that ain’t happening in my house.

I don’t care how F-#$%ing sore you are – if you signed up for a camp your going to finish it.

I know that he is not enrolled in BUDS SEAL training camp now – but it doesnt matter.
If you say you are going to do something and you sign up – you Finish the Drill.

When I sign up for a bike race – I finish that race even if I have to carry the bike.

The thought of not finishing is disgusting to me.
That is defiling your mind and body and is a disgrace.

Well…. my son did finally get up and go and he is out there on the field now warming up.

Do you find yourself in that situation?

Where you sign up for something and find a way to make excuses and not finish out?

Why do you think that you quit?

TIP #1

Your Word.
Your word is everything. If you say you are going to do something then make sure you finish it. In todays society too many people don’t go by their words. That is not the warrior way.

If a warrior tells you he will do something, He or she will make sure it gets done and covers your back.

TIP #2:
Suffer in Silence. No one wants to hear you being a little bitch. When you cry and moan like a baby you infect the others in your team. A warrior sucks up the pain and realizes that it is all a gift.
Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.
When you are in the middle of a tough workout or race you must chant this inside your mind as it will give you strength.
TIP #3:
Realize that everything is a test and that the gods are looking down on your watching your performance.
If you make it through the test you will be rewarded.
Think I am full of shit? I have never met a successful person that did not have hardship at one point.
If you know of one please let me know and I will eat crow.

You must struggle to move on to the next level. Just like the ugly butterfly in the cocoon – it must fight to get out of the cocoon. If you slit the cocoon with a razor blade to let the butterfly out – it will fall to the ground and die.

Struggle is a part of nature and must be embraced.

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