Mat Best Presents 3 Awesome Life Hacks (Inspired by MREs)

Mat Best, former Army Ranger, provides 3 tips to keep you awake and alert even during the most boring drudgery you deal with on a daily basis, using ingredients found in MREs (“Meals Ready to Eat”) and most office break rooms and homes.

1. “Coffee Dip”—Tip #1 for Staying Awake

Instead of drinking your coffee and waiting for your body’s slow digestive system to kick in that wanted caffeine hit, absorb it directly through your skin using a pouch inspired by chewing tobacco.

Additional bonus: Makes your caffeine buzz even more instant!

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2. Near-Instant Food Absorption/Inhalation

While not recommended for foodstuffs such as a grilled rib eye steak or a burger and fries (unless they’re dehydrated), this method works well for dry foods such as bread or, as shown here, crackers.

Additional bonus: You stay hydrated and keep your body’s level of electrolytes at a healthy level due to the requirement of water and salt.

3. Direct Absorption of Capsaicin Through Tender Areas—Tip #2 for Staying Awake

Like your eyes. Guaranteed to produce enough sensation for hours to take your weary mind off how tired you are as you quite literally feel the burn.

Additional bonus: Also teaches you how to deal with a high level stress through pain. Previous situations that once felt nerve-wracking and maddeningly irksome now feel as traumatic as brushing your teeth.

Have your own tips?

Let us know in the comments below!

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